You’ve made it to the brand new website! Thanks for visiting. Make sure you check everything out, including the brand new #AskCynthia video. Some folks submitted questions and we had such a good time with making the video that I think we’ll be doing another later on. So, if you have a question or two for me about anything at all, feel free to send via Twitter, Facebook, email or carrier pigeon (just send to Charlottetown, PEI… it’ll find me from there).

Thanks to Somhairle Macdonald for the awesome photos and web design, to Kyle Simpson at Lowell Productions for the great video work, to Tian Wigmore for his mad guitar skills on the video, and to Jon Matthews at The Sound Mill for his percussive and recording engineering prowess. I’m a pretty happy fiddler to be surrounded by such wonderful people!

Stay tuned for a tour update…