A (belated) Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and rang in 2015 full of happiness and health!

I had the pleasure of attending my very first New Year’s Day Levee. If you’re not familiar with the concept, here’s a good description by Peter Rukavina that’s entertaining and worth a read. I had a vague idea what a levee was beforehand… From friends’ stories, I assumed that they were short parties at different locations, hosted by anyone from the Premier of PEI to the provincial Women’s Institute, and people would go from levee to levee for free drinks and lots of merriment. Apparently I wasn’t too far off.

I played the BIS Hall’s levee with Ward MacDonald from 3-5pm. At 2:55pm, the place was almost empty and I said to Ward, “Maybe we should turn down the monitors a bit, we’re probably going to be too loud,” to which he replied, “No, we’re going to have to turn them up, this place is going to be a nuthouse and you’ll never be the same again.” Okay, maybe he didn’t actually say that, but he did allude to the fact that the place would be packed.

Holy. Crap. At 3:05pm, the place was crawling with people. And yes, we had to turn up the monitors to hear ourselves over the joy and glee of all these glowing people, lining up to get what I can only assume was not straight eggnog. It was incredible and I can’t WAIT to get in on this action next year!!

My first New Year's Levee ever! I gladly took a break to listen to Rannie MacLellan play some tunes.

My first New Year’s Levee ever! I gladly took a break to listen to Rannie MacLellan play some tunes.

Big thanks to the BIS for having Ward and I, and to Rannie MacLellan for playing some tunes as well!

This weekend is my last one on PEI for awhile, and it’s going to be a busy one. I’ll be at the Old Triangle in Charlottetown twice: the Schooner session is on Thursday, Jan. 15th from 7-10pm (players are welcome!), and then Jon Matthews and I are doing a matinee show from 5-8pm on Saturday, Jan. 17th.

PLUS, be sure to tune into Rogers Sportsnet for their Hometown Hockey stop in Charlottetown! I get to play a set of tunes with guitarist extraordinaire Rémi Arsenault, which is awesome, but more importantly, I get to chat with Ron MacLean! Stay tuned for pictures of Ron and I.