Greetings from the Norwegian Gem!

Well this is a long-awaited catch-up, isn’t it? It’s a chilly, overcast day in Saint John, New Brunswick. Fall is most definitely here, and dare I say, there’s even a hint of winter in the air today…

What brings me to Saint John, you ask? Well, the Norwegian Gem, specifically! I’m on board Norwegian Cruise Line again this year for the lovely Canada/New England cruises, and this year, I’m joined by Jon Matthews on guitar and vocals, as well as our “token American”, Spencer Inch on percussion. Just like last year, we’ve been meeting lots of fantastic people from all over. It’s a dream gig; we have people who have never heard this type of music before join us on Saturday and by the end of the week, they’re stepdancing (for real… shuffle step, shuffle step, shuffle step, step step!) and know all about jigs, reels, strathspeys, hornpipes… You name it! We call it Celtic 101. 😉

For the folks in Alberta, I’ll be heading out there a couple of times before Christmas for shows in places like Okotoks, Fort McMurray, Calgary, Olds, and more! Check out the schedule for more info. We’d love to see lots of people out at the shows.

Just a reminder that you can stream music for free AND purchase digital tracks and albums on Bandcamp. You never have to be without fiddle music!

Cheers, all! Thanks for checking in. 🙂