“The Truth About Christmas”

In a week from now, I’ll be in wintery Alberta with Gordon Belsher and Nils Ling, performing our show “The Truth About Christmas”! What is this show all about, you ask? Well, let me tell you… “The Truth About Christmas” is a unique blend of storytelling, songs and fiddling. Sure, there’s a holiday theme to […]

Next stop, Alberta!

Hello everyone! What a great time this fall has been so far! It started out with a wonderful five weeks on board the Norwegian Gem with Jon Matthews and Spencer Inch traveling from port to port in Eastern Canada and New England, meeting lots of great people from around the world. We came home to a few […]

Greetings from the Norwegian Gem!

Well this is a long-awaited catch-up, isn’t it? It’s a chilly, overcast day in Saint John, New Brunswick. Fall is most definitely here, and dare I say, there’s even a hint of winter in the air today… What brings me to Saint John, you ask? Well, the Norwegian Gem, specifically! I’m on board Norwegian Cruise […]

Small Halls/Crossroads tour highlights

A few weeks ago, PEI’s Festival of Small Halls and Maine’s Crossroads Celtic Festival joined forces to send some PEI musicians to Maine and New Hampshire to spread the word about these two awesome festivals… And I was one of the lucky ones to hit the road! It was so much fun being on tour with Richard Wood, Gordon […]

Spring Gigs in New England

Jon Matthews and I are halfway through our New England tour itinerary, enjoying the beautiful spring weather and doing our part to support the local restaurants and micro-breweries. It’s hard to believe it’s been around 3 years since we’ve played in this area. And to top that, we played at the Canadian-American Club in Watertown […]


You’ve made it to the brand new website! Thanks for visiting. Make sure you check everything out, including the brand new #AskCynthia video. Some folks submitted questions and we had such a good time with making the video that I think we’ll be doing another later on. So, if you have a question or two for […]